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Army arrests ex-PCP member in Manikchari

News No. 146/2008, September 10, 2008

One ex-member of the Hill Students Council, better known by its Bengali acronym PCP, and another villager have been arrested in Manikchari under Khagrachari district.

Sources said a group of army personnel from Batnatoli camp raided the house of Apru Marma, 26, ex-president of PCP Manikchari unit, in the village of Batnatoli at midnight last night and took him to the camp.

The soldiers also raided two houses in Toblapara village and arrested Joy Singh Marma, 24. He was taken to the camp along with Apru Marma.

The army personnel then searched for Memong Marma in his house and molested his wife Ms Arema Marma, 30, after failing to find him there.

Both Apru Marma and Joy Singh Marma were severely tortured in the camp. However, Joy Singh Marma was released in the morning.

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