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Another rape attempt on a Jumma woman in Panchari

November 10, 2009

As the Jumma women in Ghilachari were busy enforcing a road blockade in protest against an attempted rape on a Jumma woman, another Jumma woman became a victim of a similar rape attempt in Panchari under Khagrachari district.

Sources said the rape attempt was made by Md. Sukur Ali, 25, son of Abdul Kader of village Mohammadpur on Sabita Tripura, 30, wife of Manindra Tripura at around 3pm yesterday in the house of one of her relatives in the village of Miladhan Karbari Para. Sabita also lives in the same village.She was alone, puffing Daba (smoking pipe made of bamboo) in the courtyard of her relative’s house when Sukur Ali suddenly appeared from no where and grabbed her. (He must have been stalking somewhere)

When she screamed for help people from nearby houses rushed there and caught Sukur Ali red handed. Later, he was handed over to the Panchari police station.

HWF General Secretary Konika Dewan condemned the attempted rape on Sabita Tripura and demanded that the culprit be awarded maximum punishment for the offence.

She said as long as the army and settlers remain in the CHT, there will be no security for the Jumma women.

She reiterated their demand for complete withdrawal of the army from CHT and proper rehabilitation of the settlers elsewhere in the plain land.

Hill Women’s Federation, Hill Students’ Council and Democratic Youth Forum will stage demonstrations in Panchari and Khagrachari today against the incident.

Tripura Mohila Kalyan Samiti (Tripura Women Welfare Association) will also bring out a procession in Khagrachari town today.

Source: chtonline

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