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Alakesh Chakma and others released

News No. 117/2008, June 25, 2008

Alakesh Chakma, Publication Secretary of the Democratic Youth Forum, was released yesterday after 3 days of captivity. The three others, arrested along with him, were also freed.

Plainclothes security personnel arrested them on 21 May from Hathazari, Chittagong, and kept them incommunicado in detention until their release.

Alakesh Chakma, who has just completed his Masters courses in Social Sciences from Chittagong University, was set free from Agrabad area of Chittagong city. He came to Chittagong to know his result of the exams.

The security personnel released Ani Chakma on 24 June from Gate No. 2 of Chittagong University. He is a paramedic student of a private institute in Chittagong.

Pulok Chakma and Simon Chakma were released today. Pulok was in Chittagong for medical treatment for his wound sustained when he was attacked by a wild bore. Both of them hail from Kawkhali under Rangamati district.

After release Ani Chakma told chtnews.com that a man of mongoloid stock accompanied the security personnel during the arrest. He believes that there was ample evidence to suggest that the arrests were made after tip-off from a Jumma.

He said the plainclothes security personnel, who arrested them, spoke Chakma and Marma fluently and added that he was tortured during interrogation.

On the day they were arrested, security personnel also searched for Sonali Chakma, President of Hill Women’s Federation and wife of Alakesh Chakma, at her father’s residence at West Naranghia, Khagrachari.

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