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After Rui Khoi, who is next?

Rui Khoi, who is next?

News No. 142/2009,
October 7, 2009

After successfully eliminating Rui Khoi Marma, a central committee member of the United Peoples’ Democratic Front (UPDF), the conspirators seem to have taken aim at their next target.

On 5 October, the day Mr. Rui Khoi was cremated, some members of Bangladesh Chattra League, the student wing of the ruling Awami League party, staged a demonstration in Laxmichari against local UPDF leader Ratan Marma and Upazila Chairman Remrachai Marma.

They chanted provocative slogans against these two leaders and burnt an effigy of Mr. Remrachari Marma.

Mr. Marma had resigned from Awami League before his election in February to ensure the crucial support of the UPDF.

While UPDF strongly backed Mr. Marma, unfortunately Laxmichari Zone Commander Lt. Col. Sharif did everything at his disposal to make Ms Deva Rani Chakma victorious.

After UPDF-backed candidate won the election, Lt. Col. Sharif publicly vowed to “see how Remrachai hold on to power.”

Many in Laxmichari believe that Sharif is the main conspirator and the mastermind behind the killing of Rui Khoi Marma.

The general perception is that the 5 October demonstration is also the work of this master conspirator, who is one of the worst violators of human rights in CHT.

The demonstrators tried to break open the UPDF office and smashed its signboard, and pelted brickbats at the official residence of Remrachai Marma.

All but two demonstrators were Bengalee, eyewitnesses said.

A private television channel, Diganta TV, reported on that day that the demonstration was brought out against Remrachai Marma because he was alleged to have links with UPDF.

“But how that can be a point for staging demonstration against him?” asked a human rights activist. “UPDF is a democratic organisation, and it seeks to establish people’s rights through peaceful and democratic means.” he added.

Lt. Col. Sharif has already earned notoriety for his ruthlessness and for seeking personal vendetta against his perceived opponents.

A resident of Laxmichari commented, “As long as he (Sharif) stays in Laxmichari, there will be incidents like this. He is a pro-Jammat (Jammat-e-Islami party) army officer and has a passion for torturing Jumma people.”

“He (Sharif) does not seem mentally normal. We heard that he was once deputed to RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) and killed many people in cold blood.” Another said.

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